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Wow it's been a long time...

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I FINALLY replaced the Christmas themed template on our web site.  Where has time gone?

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Speaking of time flying, today is Taylor's 21st birthday.  I don't know how this happened, I am not old enough to have a 21 year old son.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON!  My youngest, Michaela,  turns 16 this august and Deanna turns 18 this fall.  Oy!

My New Book Reader

I got a eBook reader this Christmas.  I got the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader (could they have made that name any longer) because in addition to being a book reader it was also a an Android Tablet.  I bought about a half dozen books from Borders and was pretty happy with it...UNTIL one day Borders quit letting me read the books I purchased.  over three hours on hold and brief discussions with BOB and CHRIS from Borders overseas support center (how much you want to bet they it was Borders that gave them that name and not their mothers) I demanded my money back for my books.  After some discussion and about 30 days a waiting I got it.  

I gave that tablet to Taylor and bought a Barnes & Noble Nook Color.  I absolutely love it!  With a little hackery it is also an android tablet.  It will run Amazon's Kindle for Android as well as almost any other android app I want.  I have also found that it is very easy to strip kindle books of their copy protection so I can read them in any reader I want and back them up off my tablet so I won't lose them if amazon stops supporting them.

Android in general

I am finding I really like the android operating system.  There are apps for almost anything you can think of and most are free or very inexpensive.  I do not mind paying $4.99 or less for an app if I find it very useful.  I am now reading books, my news and comics as well as reading e-mail and surfing from my tablet rather than my netbook or a PC





Merry Christmas Adam to all!

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What is "Christmas Adam" you ask?  It is a holiday tradition that we started when our kids were young.  We lived in Florida at the time and took a 12+ hour trip home for Christmas every year.  Little ones could be a challenge on such a trip so we would get them a gift that they could open just before we left to help occupy them when they were not sleeping. 

Taylor ask what day it was.  He knew he got presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but he knew this wasn't either of those days.  It was usually the December 23 so we could be home for Christmas Eve.  I told him it was Christmas Adam.  Why did I choose that?  Because Adam was created BEFORE Eve silly!

It worked.  Its amazing how long a 5 year old is occupied by a new Gameboy game and a set of batteries.  (Usually had to get new batteries at a gas stop around Nashville)

Lucy with Santa - Christmas 2010

Lucy and Santa 2010

I went to Thanksgiving dinner but felt lousy all day.  It was good to see folks I have not seen in a while but it would have been a lot more enjoyable if I felt better.  I missed my 25 year High School reunion too.  Did not do much but lay around and snooze all weekend.  I did get to watch the entire Ram's game on Sunday.

How about those Rams! for three quarters they looked great but then had me really worried that they were going to let it slip away in the fourth but they held on.  Sam Bradford is really proving to be a good pick.  There was concern how he would do in the NFL but he is looking like he is handling the step up quite well. 

All the rest is paying off because I am feeling a lot better this week.  Unfortunately my two girls both have step throat.  Bummer.  I hope Stephanie does not get it.

How about those Ram's :(

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Yesterday's game was a real disappointment.  They are still looking a LOT better than last year, but they still have a ways to go.  I want them on their way to the Superbowl THIS YEAR.  Not that I think that is going to happen.  Maybe next year. is back!

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After years of neglect and a year of being offline, I am putting back up and with the help of the rest of my family it might get updated more often...

I put the text of Peter Marshall's sermon, "Let's Keep Christmas" back up.  It is well worth taking the time to read it.  It amazes me that his observations about the commercialization of Christmas that is so relative today was written in the 1940's ! 

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving! It's sort of a mini Frye Family Reunion every year.  There is going to be 40+ attending this year.  My only disappointment in recent years is that we no longer have it in peoples homes but in a hall or Church gymnasium.  I miss watching football after dinner, or rather napping through football.  It's still great to get together with relatives that I have not seen in a year.

Also, the BTHS West class of 85 is having a reunion of sorts at Cutter's tavern in Belleville.  I am really looking forward to this too.  It's not a fancy expensive dinner, its just a casual get together at a place that has good cheap eats and cold beverages.

Good times ahead!


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